On Street Dining Application

Application Declaration

  • I will comply with the technical standards and requirements of Council's On Street Dining Guidelines and Specifications (18-HLPr-002).
  • I will manage patron behaviour in the On Street Dining area.
  • I will maintain cleanliness in the licensed On Street Dining area.
  • I have current Public Liability Insurance that extends to cover the licensed area.
  • I will keep my Public Liability insurance cover current.
  • I will not conduct business, trading or commercial activity in the Walkway Zone.
  • I understand that non-compliance may result in my on street dining licence being revoked.
  • I acknowledge that I accept all risk in conducting an on street dining activity on the footpath and indemnify City of Launceston against any claim or demand made on Council, or costs incurred by Council, resulting from an injury or loss sustained by any person as a result of my on street dining activity on the footpath.
  • I understand that any structures erected are temporary and must be removed at my cost when the On Street Dining Licence lapses or is terminated.
  • I will pay all fees and charges as required by Council.
  • I acknowledge the licence is annual and renewable on 1 January each year.
  • I acknowledge Council has the right to grant a renewal, vary conditions or refuse my application for a licence.

Please Note - lodging this application does not provide any rights to occupy any Council land until the licence is issued.

Site Plan Information

Drawn to scale (1:100 - 1:300) showing:

  • Safety Bollards and Fencing
  • Footpath grades and widths
  • Location and number of chairs and tables and other furnishing, including size
  • Location, number and size of umbrellas and/or awnings

Launceston City Council