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Applications that are listed below are currently on public notice in accordance with Section 57 of the Land Use Planning & Approvals Act 1993

The documents uploaded for viewing online for each development application are those which are pertinent to the application. In addition to the website, all documents submitted with the application can be made available for inspection by request at the Customer Service Centre desk, Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5.00pm during the period for which representations may be made.

Written representations to the General Manager may be made during this time to PO Box 396, LAUNCESTON TAS 7250 or by email to However, the full content of your submission may be included in the report (available for public access) if the application is presented at a Council meeting for consideration. It is therefore the responsibility of the author of the submission to ensure that what is written is factual, fair and reasonable and not defamatory against any person. Please provide day time phone contact details with representations.

For more information please call our Customer Service Centre on 03 6323 3220.

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Application IDDA0634/2019
Application DescriptionResidential - Construction of two dwellings
Property Address1 Cook Crescent, Mayfield
Closing Date27/02/2020

Application IDDA0656/2019
Application DescriptionResidential - Construction of a dwelling
Property Address7 Jocks Court Punchbowl
Closing Date27/02/2020

Application IDDA0704/2019
Application DescriptionVisitor Accommodation - Partial change of use to holiday units Signs - Install new signs
Property Address5 Talune Street and 7 Talune Street, Youngtown
Closing Date24/02/2020

Application IDDA0730/2019
Application DescriptionResidential - Construction of an outbuilding, retaining wall and new crossover
Property Address32 Hillary Street St Leonards
Closing Date05/03/2020

Application IDDA0003/2020
Application DescriptionResidential - Construction of a fence (retrospective) and an outbuilding
Property Address36 Cambridge Street, West Launceston
Closing Date05/03/2020

Application IDDA0008/2020
Application DescriptionSubdivision - Staged subdivision to adjust boundaries between three lots and subdivide one lot into two lots
Property Address896 Pipers River Road and 923 Pipers River Road, Turners Marsh
Closing Date24/02/2020

Application IDDA0015/2020
Application DescriptionResidential - Demolish existing outbuildings, Construction of two additional dwellings and install a second crossover
Property Address9 Blaydon Street, Kings Meadows
Closing Date24/02/2020

Application IDDA0017/2020
Application DescriptionVisitor Accommodation - Change of use to a holiday unit
Property AddressUnit 1 62 Basin Road, West Launceston
Closing Date27/02/2020

Application IDDA0019/2020
Application DescriptionUtilities - Construction of a Telecommunications Facility (Re-advertised)
Property Address13 Henry Street, Ravenswood
Closing Date24/02/2020

Application IDDA0039/2020
Application DescriptionEducation and Occasional Care - Change of use to dance school and construction of additional parking
Property Address233A Charles Street, Launceston
Closing Date24/02/2020

Application IDDA0048/2020
Application DescriptionResidential - Construction of two additional dwellings
Property Address67 Stanley Street, Summerhill
Closing Date05/03/2020

Application IDDA0054/2020
Application DescriptionResidential - Construction of a dwelling
Property Address71 Talbot Road, South Launceston
Closing Date27/02/2020

Application IDDA0055/2020
Application DescriptionResidential - Construction of alterations and additions to a dwelling
Property Address54 Abbott Street, East Launceston
Closing Date05/03/2020

Application IDDA0056/2020
Application DescriptionResidential - Construction of a dwelling and outbuilding
Property Address15 Berean Street, East Launceston
Closing Date02/03/2020

Application IDDA0057/2020
Application DescriptionResidential - Construction of a dwelling
Property Address162 Outram Street, Summerhill
Closing Date27/02/2020

Application IDDA0060/2020
Application DescriptionVisitor Accommodation - Change of use to a holiday unit
Property Address 
Closing Date02/03/2020

Application IDDA0061/2020
Application DescriptionResidential - Demolition of a dwelling & outbuilding
Property Address51 Forster Street, Invermay
Closing Date27/02/2020

Application IDDA0066/2020
Application DescriptionSigns - Install new signs
Property Address299 Invermay Road, Invermay
Closing Date10/03/2020

Application IDDA0068/2020
Application DescriptionResidential - Demolish existing outbuilding and construction of a new outbuilding
Property Address6 Reid Street, Kings Meadows
Closing Date10/03/2020

Application IDDA0079/2020
Application DescriptionResidential - Construction of additional crossover
Property Address29 Tompsons Lane, Newnham
Closing Date10/03/2020

Application IDDA0085/2020
Application DescriptionResidential - Construction of alterations, additions and partial demolition to a dwelling (retrospective)
Property Address99 Elizabeth Street, Launceston
Closing Date10/03/2020

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