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To select items for payment, choose the payment type in the Online Payments box. Each payment type selected will appear at the bottom of the screen in the Application/Shopping Cart. You may choose to remove items at this stage. To go to the payments screen, click on Proceed at the bottom of the page.

Making an online payment

Online payments are processed overnight and received by Council on the next working day. Payments are not deemed to have been made until the funds have been received by Council.

  • Please allow sufficient time when making an online payment to ensure that you don't incur any fees or charges.

  • For any applications or statutory processes (e.g. planning or building applications), payments will be deemed to have been made when the Council has received the funds.Generally this is the first business day after your online payment was made.

  • Application Lodgement (Development & Building Applications)

    To lodge your application please select it in the shopping cart by selecting the ‘Take to Checkout’ box and then on ‘Proceed’ in the bottom right hand corner of the page.

    If your application is incomplete, please select ‘Application’ in the shopping cart to complete the required information. Once all information has been entered, select the ‘Take to Checkout’ box and then on ‘Proceed’ in the bottom right hand corner of the page.

    If you wish to complete your application at a later time, select ‘Save Cart’ and you will be provided with a reference number to retrieve your application at a later time. You will need to note down this reference number.

    PLEASE NOTE The purpose of this application cart is solely to facilitate the on-line lodgement of your Development Application and is not indicative of the fees associated with your application. You will be issued an invoice for the required fees once the Council has completed a validity assessment of your application.

    Application Retrieval

    To retrieve existing Application/Shopping Cart items, enter the unique reference number that you received and click the Search button.

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