Terms and Conditions

Personal Information Protection Statement:

The personal information that Council is collecting from you is deemed personal information for the purposes of the Personal Information Protection Act 2004. The intended recipients of personal information collected by Launceston City Council may be: • Officers within Launceston City Council; • Data service providers engaged by Council from time to time; • Any other agent/contractor of Launceston City Council; The supply of the information by you is voluntary. If you cannot provide or do not wish to provide the information sought, Launceston City Council may be unable to process your application or request. Council is collecting this personal information from you for the purposes of managing, assessing, advising upon and determining the relevant application, or other Council related matters. You may make application for access or amendment to your personal information held by the Council. Enquiries concerning this matter can be addressed to: Chief Executive Officer Launceston City Council PO Box 396 LAUNCESTON TAS 7250

Electronic Transactions Act 2000

If you provide an email address as part of your application the Launceston City Council (“the Council”) will treat the provision of the email address as consent, pursuant to section 6 of the Electronic Transactions Act 2000, to the Council using that email address for the giving of information under the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993 (“LUPAA”) and Building Act 2000 ("Building Act"). The giving of information includes, but is not limited to, requests for additional information pursuant to section 54 of LUPAA and service of the Council’s decision to grant a permit pursuant to section 58 of LUPAA or service of the Council’s decision to grant or refuse to grant a permit pursuant to section 57 of LUPAA. Also, the Permit Authorities decision to grant or refuse to grant a building permit under Division 3 of the Building Act or to grant or refuse to grant a plumbing permit under Division 4 of the Building Act. If you provide an email address the Council will not provide hard copy documentation unless specifically requested. It is your responsibility to provide the Council with the correct email address and to check your email for communications from the Council.


PLEASE NOTE: You must refer to the user assistance section (HELP MENU) on this page and carefully read the terms and conditions for the application type that you wish to lodge with the Council. By ticking and agreeing to the terms and conditions, you are accepting the terms and conditions that are specific to your application type.


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