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RCB0024/202005/03/2020Buildings and Halls - Jessica rang to say there is water coming through the exhaust fun in the kitchen in the shopBuildings and Halls38250 Tasman Highway TARGA TAS 7259 Completed
RCB0025/202006/03/2020Buildings and Halls - email as follows as per Susan's rqst "Can you please have someone come up and have a look at our leaking building. The building has always had some leak in heavy rain, but today it is leaking in the restaurant it self. Down the stone mantle and down the support beam. AdrianBuildings and HallsCataract Gorge Reserve (Cliffgrounds) 64 Gorge Road TREVALLYN TAS 7250 Completed
RCB0027/202010/03/2020Buildings and Halls - Please check the play equipment at St Catherine's Hall and surrounding area. Marlene called the police on Saturday (and left a voice mail at customer service) as she observed 4 young people vandalising the area. She heard a lot of clanging and smashing. She wonders if the people who attend the church on Sunday cleaned up the area because it looked cleaned up yesterday.Buildings and HallsSt Catherine's Hall 188-192 Penquite Road NORWOOD TAS 7250 Completed
RCB0028/202010/03/2020Buildings and Halls - The gate to the Dilston Hall is broken again and needs to be fixed asap please as they run a day care group within the hall.Buildings and HallsDilston Memorial Hall 308 John Lees Drive DILSTON TAS 7252 Completed
RCB0029/202011/03/2020Buildings and Halls - As per email **photo attached** there is a leak that has been reported by Jones cleaning Services for the park Street Toilets out a Royal Park. Could this please be fixed - thank you.Buildings and HallsRoyal Park 78 Paterson Street LAUNCESTON TAS 7250 Completed
RCB0030/202011/03/2020Buildings and Halls - As per email, the male toilets at Windermere Reserve are flooding at the entrance. There are two Windermere Reserves exact location at which one of the two parks are unknown. Please see photo attached.Buildings and HallsWindermere Reserve 265 Windermere Road WINDERMERE TAS 7252 Completed
RCB0033/202013/03/2020Buildings and Halls - KINGS BRIDGE GORGE COTTAGE - Kane from Flick has advised the alarm code that we are giving out in Customer Service of 7249 with the issuing of the key for the Kings Bridge Cottage does not work so he has used an old code of 1864 which appears to have worked. Please check and advise Customer Service if the alarm code has changed so we are giving the correct one out.Buildings and HallsCataract Gorge Reserve (Cliffgrounds) 64 Gorge Road TREVALLYN TAS 7250 Work Order Created
RCB0034/202016/03/2020Buildings and Halls Good morning Susan. Can you please have a plumber come up and replace the mixer tap in the male toilet at the restaurant as it have been leaking badly over the weekend. Flooding the bench top, cupboard and floor. Thank you. Adrian Cash Manager The Gorge Restaurant 0448266736Buildings and Halls43 Delamere Crescent TREVALLYN TAS 7250 Completed
RCB0036/202016/03/2020Buildings and Halls - St Catherines Hall - there are a lot of ants throughout the hall - may need spraying ( interior )Buildings and HallsSt Catherine's Hall 188-192 Penquite Road NORWOOD TAS 7250 Completed
RCB0038/202017/03/2020Buildings and Halls - ** Photo and email attached. It has been reported that there is a hole in the eaves near the main entrance which they are concerned that this may allow vermin to enter. Could this please be repaired - thank you.Buildings and HallsKaroola Recreation Ground & Hall 1126 Pipers River Road KAROOLA TAS 7267 Completed
RCB0039/202017/03/2020Toilets - KINGS MEADOWS TOILET BLOCK (NEW) - Soap Dispenser not workingToiletsKings Meadow Car Park 119 Hobart Road KINGS MEADOWS TAS 7249 Completed
RCB0042/202020/03/2020Toilets - Robert rang to say the hand dryers are not working. and the toilet seat closest to the rivulet is very looseToiletsKings Meadow Car Park 119 Hobart Road KINGS MEADOWS TAS 7249 Completed
RCB0043/202023/03/2020Toilets- No soap in the toilets at the gorge. Please replenish. See request attached,ToiletsFirst Basin Reserve 74-90 Basin Road WEST LAUNCESTON TAS 7250 Completed
RCB0044/202023/03/2020Toilets - Paterson Street East - Toilet paper dispenser has been smashed and requires replacing - cubicle next to the disabled toiletToiletsPaterson St East Car Park 1-15 Paterson Street LAUNCESTON TAS 7250 Completed
RCB0049/202027/03/2020Toilets - Coronation Park toilet drains are blocked, feaces is coming back up through drain the floor. Have locked them til fixedToiletsCoronation Park 44 Mulgrave Street SOUTH LAUNCESTON TAS 7249 Completed

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