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Application LinkLodgement DateDescriptionCategory DescriptionFormatted AddressApplicant NamesStage/Decision
DA0219/201913/05/2019Visitor Accommodation - Construction and use of holiday unitDiscretionary ApplicationsNeu Bayern 283 Mount Arthur Road PATERSONIA TAS 7259 Bavarian Enterprises Pty LtdApproval Issued
DA0333/201911/07/2019Residential - Demolish existing outbuilding; Construction of an additional dwellingDiscretionary Applications28 Brooklyn Road YOUNGTOWN TAS 7249Felicity Anne Luck, Christopher William LuckApproval Issued
DA0346/201919/07/2019Educational and Occasional Care - Change of use to a child care centre; alterations to an existing building, and signageDiscretionary Applications2/31-43 Thistle Street West SOUTH LAUNCESTON TAS 7249 Smart Planning And DesignApproval Issued
DA0367/201930/07/2019Residential - Construction of a dwellingDiscretionary Applications6 Robka Court NORWOOD TAS 7250 Prime DesignWithdrawn
DA0375/201902/08/2019Subdivision - Subdivide one lot into two lotsDiscretionary Applications40 Prospect Street PROSPECT TAS 7250 Woolcott Surveys Pty LtdApproval Issued
DA0386/201909/08/2019Residential - Construction of an additional dwelling (re-advertised)Discretionary Applications12 James Street LAUNCESTON TAS 7250 6ty Pty LtdApproval Issued
DA0394/201914/08/2019Sports and Recreation - Change of use to wellness centreDiscretionary Applications233A Charles Street LAUNCESTON TAS 7250Bianca Lee Burrows, Nathan BurrowsWithdrawn
DA0395/201914/08/2019Storage - Construction of 70 storage unitsDiscretionary Applications32 Charbooday Drive YOUNGTOWN TAS 7249 Stuart Bowling Building DesignApproval Issued
DA0396/201915/08/2019Residential - Construction of additional dwelling involving alterations and additions to existing visitor accommodation units, demolition of lean-to structure, removal of tree, change of use from visitor accommodation to two (2) residential (multiple dwellings) usesDiscretionary Applications43 High Street EAST LAUNCESTON TAS 7250 Rebecca Green & AssociatesApproval Issued
DA0398/201915/08/2019Subdivision - Consolidation of five titles into one titleDiscretionary Applications1 Machen Street KINGS MEADOWS TAS 7249 Commercial Project DeliveryApproval Issued
DA0400/201919/08/2019Residential - Construction of a dwellingDiscretionary Applications83 Sanwae Drive SWAN BAY TAS 7252 BVZ DesignsApproval Issued
DA0403/201920/08/2019Residential - Construction of retaining walls to create parking spaceDiscretionary Applications23 Pedder Street SOUTH LAUNCESTON TAS 7249Emily Michelle TitmusApproval Issued
DA0404/201919/08/2019Residential - Construction of two additional dwellings and demolition of existing outbuildingsDiscretionary Applications10 Herring Street PUNCHBOWL TAS 7249 BVZ DesignsApproval Issued
DA0408/201921/08/2019Service Industry - Construction of truck and bin wash bayDiscretionary Applications33-35 McKenzie Street MOWBRAY TAS 7248 J.J. Richards & Sons Pty LtdApproval Issued
DA0409/201921/08/2019Residential - Change of use to multiple dwelling (retrospective)Discretionary Applications205 Charles Street LAUNCESTON TAS 7250 Prime DesignApproval Issued

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