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Application LinkLodgement DateDescriptionCategory DescriptionFormatted AddressApplicant NamesStage/Decision
DA0007/201909/01/2019Residential - Construction of a dwellingDiscretionary Applications95-125 Glenwood Road RELBIA TAS 7258 Cumulus StudioApproval Issued
DA0020/201921/01/2019Residential - Construction of alterations and additions to a dwelling (retrospective)Discretionary Applications18A Quarantine Road KINGS MEADOWS TAS 7249Noel Michael FitchApproval Issued
DA0092/201906/03/2019Signs - Install new signs (retrospective)Discretionary Applications329-333 Wellington Street SOUTH LAUNCESTON TAS 7249 Kdc Pty Ltd Obo Commonwealth Bank Of AustraliaApproval Issued
DA0127/201922/03/2019Visitor Accommodation, Food Services, General Retail and Hire, Community Meeting and Entertainment, Sports and Recreation and Vehicle Parking - Construction of a hotel and mixed use development including signage, and consolidation of lots (re-advertised) at 123 Paterson Street, 270 Brisbane Street, 18 Margaret Street, 125-133 Paterson Street and 16 Margaret Street, LauncestonDiscretionary Applications123 Paterson Street LAUNCESTON TAS 7250 Ghd Pty LtdApproval Issued
DA0145/201901/04/2019Residential - Subdivide two lots into three lotsDiscretionary Applications5 Napier Street YOUNGTOWN TAS 7249 Michell Hodgetts & Associates Pty LtdApproval Issued
DA0149/201902/04/2019Vehicle Fuel Sales and Service - Change of use and construction of canopy for vehicle fuel salesDiscretionary Applications56 Goderich Street INVERMAY TAS 7248 Prime DesignApproval Issued
DA0159/201904/04/2019Subdivision - Subdivide one lot into two lotsDiscretionary Applications55 Sandown Road NORWOOD TAS 7250 6ty DegreesApproval Issued
DA0161/201905/04/2019Residential - Construction of an additional dwellingDiscretionary Applications18 Weedon Avenue SOUTH LAUNCESTON TAS 7249 S GroupApproval Issued
DA0162/201908/04/2019Residential - Construction of a dwelling and an outbuildingDiscretionary Applications1232 Windermere Road SWAN BAY TAS 7252 Natural Energy DesignsApproval Issued
DA0164/201908/04/2019Residential - Demolition of existing residence and construction of two dwellingsDiscretionary Applications133 Vermont Road MOWBRAY TAS 7248 Natural Energy DesignsApproval Issued
DA0168/201909/04/2019Subdivision - Subdivide one lot into two lotsDiscretionary Applications25 Vaux Street WEST LAUNCESTON TAS 7250 GB Developments Tasmania Pty LtdApproval Issued
DA0171/201911/04/2019Residential - Construction of a dwellingDiscretionary Applications202 George Street LAUNCESTON TAS 7250 S GroupApproval Issued
DA0175/201912/04/2019Residential - Construction of a dwelling and an outbuildingDiscretionary Applications21 Amali Court WEST LAUNCESTON TAS 7250 Urban Design SolutionsApproval Issued
DA0187/201918/04/2019General Retail and Hire - Change of use to a hairdresser and installation of new signageDiscretionary Applications42 Wentworth Street NEWSTEAD TAS 7250 Commercial Project DeliveryApproval Issued
DA0190/201924/04/2019Residential - Construction of additions to a dwelling, construction of a new outbuilding; Removal of a tree (retrospective)Discretionary Applications21 Juliana Street WEST LAUNCESTON TAS 7250 Design To Live Pty LtdApproval Issued

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