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Application LinkLodgement DateDescriptionCategory DescriptionFormatted AddressApplicant NamesStage/Decision
DA0340/201916/07/2019Service Industry - Construction of a building for heavy vehicle servicingDiscretionary Applications143 Lilydale Road ROCHERLEA TAS 7248 Engineering Plus (Tas) Pty LtdApproval Issued
DA0440/201903/09/2019Hospital Services - Construction of alterations and additions to a birth centreDiscretionary Applications52 Frankland Street LAUNCESTON TAS 7250 Wilkin Design & Drafting Pty LtdApproved
DA0566/201921/10/2019Visitor Accommodation - Change of use to visitor accommodationPermitted Applications5 Basin Road WEST LAUNCESTON TAS 7250Phillip McNabb, Anne Maree DenhamApproved
DA0585/201929/10/2019Community Meeting and Entertainment - Construction of alterations to the existing churchPermitted Applications2-6 Hobart Road KINGS MEADOWS TAS 7249 Potters House Christian CentreApproved
DA0622/201911/11/2019Multiple dwellings - Construction of an additional dwellingDiscretionary Applications272 Peel Street West SUMMERHILL TAS 7250 Honed Architecture & DesignApplication Cancelled or Duplicated

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