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Application LinkLodgement DateDescriptionCategory DescriptionFormatted AddressApplicant NamesStage/Decision
DA0699/201804/12/2018Visitor Accommodation - Change of use to holiday unitPermitted Applications5-7 York Street LAUNCESTON TAS 7250Steven Robert FoneApproval Issued
DA0700/201804/12/2018Residential - Construction of a dwellingDiscretionary Applications20 Tenzing Drive ST LEONARDS TAS 7250 Tasbuilt HomesThe DA is being advertised
DA0701/201806/12/2018Emergency services - Demolition of a building at the rear of the fire stationDiscretionary Applications85-89 Paterson Street LAUNCESTON TAS 7250 Wilkin Design & DraftingThe DA is being advertised
DA0702/201807/12/2018Visitor Accommodation, Food Services, General Retail and Hire, Community Meeting and Entertainment, Sports and Recreation and Vehicle Parking - Construction of a hotel and mixed use development including signageDiscretionary Applications123 Paterson Street LAUNCESTON TAS 7250 Ghd Pty Ltd (Formerly Gutteridge Haskins & Davey Pty Ltd)Received
DA0703/201807/12/2018Visitor Accommodation - Change of use (retrospective)Discretionary Applications56 Dry Street INVERMAY TAS 7248Gavin StoessigerThe DA is being advertised
DA0704/201807/12/2018Residential - Construction of two dwellingsDiscretionary Applications1 Chungon Crescent SOUTH LAUNCESTON TAS 7249 Design To Live Pty LtdApplication Referred
DA0705/201810/12/2018Residential - construction of a deck (retrospective)Discretionary Applications57 Janet Street KINGS MEADOWS TAS 7249 Engineering PlusApplication Referred
DA0706/201810/12/2018Residential - construction of additions to a unitPermitted Applications2/7 Berean Street EAST LAUNCESTON TAS 7250 Engineering PlusApplication Referred
DA0707/201810/12/2018Residential - construction of a dwelling and outbuildingDiscretionary Applications20 Deek Street KINGS MEADOWS TAS 7249 Design To Live Pty LtdApplication Referred
DA0708/201810/12/2018Residential - construction of two dwellingsDiscretionary Applications24-26 Queechy Road NORWOOD TAS 7250 Adams Building DesignReceived
DA0709/201810/12/2018Bulky Good Sales - motor vehicle sales; car showroom and vehicle display area, Signs - Install new signs, including internally illuminated pole sign on future lot1 (Including 128553/3)Discretionary Applications65-81 Gleadow Street INVERMAY TAS 7248 Tasmanian Property Investment Unit TrustApplication Referred
DA0711/201811/12/2018Bulky good sales - motor vehicle sales; alterations to existing car showroom, service centre and detailing area, install new signs, including internally illuminated blade signDiscretionary Applications98 Galvin Street SOUTH LAUNCESTON TAS 7249 Tasmanian Property Investment Unit TrustApplication Referred
DA0712/201807/12/2018Residential - construction of a dwellingDiscretionary Applications14 Aram Place NEWSTEAD TAS 7250 Gowland Drafting Pty LtdApplication Referred
DA0713/201811/12/2018Hotel Industry - Construction of alterations and extensions to the existing building (retrospective)Discretionary ApplicationsPark Tavern 43-45 Invermay Road INVERMAY TAS 7248 Commercial Project DeliveryApplication Referred
DA0714/201811/12/2018Sign - install a new signDiscretionary Applications113 York Street LAUNCESTON TAS 7250Yang XuReceived

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