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RCB0046/202026/03/2020Buildings and Halls - As per customers email: Starting Point Neighbourhood House at 6 Prossers Forest Road, We were just wondering if we could put up security cameras on the: Exterior of the carpark, Exterior of the front entrance And possibly exterior front right hand corner (closest to Child and Family Centre) We can apply for a grant and monitoring will be our responsibility not council.Buildings and HallsProsser's Forest Road Park 1-11 Prossers Forest Road RAVENSWOOD TAS 7250 Completed
RCB0048/202027/03/2020Buildings and Halls - Good morning Tricia, we have had missing letters on the booking office for quite some time now , it used to look like this. Can you point me in the right direction to send this request toBuildings and HallsSeaport Boardwalk Home Point Parade LAUNCESTON TAS 7250 Work Order Created
RCB0049/202027/03/2020Toilets - Coronation Park toilet drains are blocked, feaces is coming back up through drain the floor. Have locked them til fixedToiletsCoronation Park 44 Mulgrave Street SOUTH LAUNCESTON TAS 7249 Completed
RCB0050/202001/04/2020Toilets- Men’s toilet cubicle closest to urinal isn’t filling up fast enough to re flush after cleaning. Same with middle toilet in females toilet. See request attached.ToiletsSt Leonards Picnic Ground 81 Station Road ST LEONARDS TAS 7250 Work Order Created
DA0141/202026/03/2020Residential - Demolish existing outbuilding and construction of a new outbuildingDiscretionary Applications3 Rupert Street NEWSTEAD TAS 7250 Blackman CreativeInternal Assessment in Progress
DA0142/202026/03/2020Residential - Constructions of alterations and additions to a dwellingDiscretionary Applications40 Cimitiere Street LAUNCESTON TAS 7250 Prime DesignApplication Referred
DA0143/202027/03/2020Residential - Construction of a dwellingDiscretionary Applications15 Pinot Parade YOUNGTOWN TAS 7249Joshua James ClarkThe DA is being advertised
DA0144/202030/03/2020Research and Development - Change of use to data storage facilityDiscretionary Applications23 Killafaddy Road ST LEONARDS TAS 7250 Firmus Grid Pty LtdInternal Assessment in Progress
DA0145/202030/03/2020Residential - Demolish existing and construction of a garage and retaining wallsDiscretionary Applications12 Douglas Street NEWSTEAD TAS 7250Theresa Lesley HattonThe DA is being advertised
DA0146/202030/03/2020Manufacturing and Processing - Change of use to manufacturing and processing; alterations to the buildingDiscretionary Applications7/16-18 Goodman Court INVERMAY TAS 7248 Metier Planning and DevelopmentApplication Referred
DA0147/202031/03/2020Residential - Construction of a dwellingDiscretionary Applications4 Hilltop Court KINGS MEADOWS TAS 7249 Creely Builders Pty LtdApplication Referred
DA0148/202001/04/2020Residential - Construction of a dweling and install a second drivewayDiscretionary Applications6 Ivy Lane NEWSTEAD TAS 7250Evan Peter GulbisReceived
RCB0047/202026/03/2020Town Hall Lighting - Yellow one colour - In support of Daffodil Day.Town Hall LightingTown Hall 18-28 St John Street LAUNCESTON TAS 7250 Completed

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