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Application LinkLodgement DateDescriptionCategory DescriptionFormatted AddressApplicant NamesStage/Decision
DA0400/201919/08/2019Residential - Construction of a dwellingDiscretionary Applications83 Sanwae Drive SWAN BAY TAS 7252 BVZ DesignsThe DA is being advertised
DA0401/201918/08/2019Build a small temporary house for use as a weekender.Discretionary Applications361-365 Pipers River Road TURNERS MARSH TAS 7267Cecelia Louise Tencza, Thadeus Edward TenczaReferred to applicant for information
DA0402/201919/08/2019Visitor Accommodation - Change of use to holiday unit and construction of alterations to an existing building (retrospective)Discretionary Applications28 Olive Street NEWSTEAD TAS 7250Thomas David GunnInternal Assessment in Progress
DA0403/201920/08/2019Residential - construction of retaining walls to create parking spaceDiscretionary Applications23 Pedder Street SOUTH LAUNCESTON TAS 7249Emily Michelle TitmusApplication Referred
DA0404/201919/08/2019Residential - Construction of two new dwellingsDiscretionary Applications10 Herring Street PUNCHBOWL TAS 7249 BVZ DesignsInternal Assessment in Progress
DA0405/201921/08/2019Subdivision - subdivide one lot into three lotsDiscretionary Applications189 George Street LAUNCESTON TAS 7250Pitt&Sherry C/- Leigh KnightReferred to applicant for information
DA0406/201919/08/2019Residential - construction of four dwellingsDiscretionary Applications52 Paterson Street LAUNCESTON TAS 7250 Prime DesignInternal Assessment in Progress
DA0407/201920/08/2019Residential - Construction of additions to existing dwelling. Visitor accommodation - Partial change of use to holiday unitDiscretionary Applications11B-11D Churchill Crescent NEWSTEAD TAS 7250Thomas Charles FloydInternal Assessment in Progress
DA0408/201921/08/2019Service Industry - Construction of truck and bin wash bayDiscretionary Applications33-35 McKenzie Street MOWBRAY TAS 7248 J.J. Richards & Sons Pty LtdInternal Assessment in Progress
DA0409/201921/08/2019Residential - change of use to upper floor unit to multiple dwellingDiscretionary Applications205 Charles Street LAUNCESTON TAS 7250 Prime DesignApplication Referred
DA0410/201922/08/2019Residential - construction of a dwellingDiscretionary Applications3 Gallopers Rise PUNCHBOWL TAS 7249 Montrose Building DevelopmentsInternal Assessment in Progress
DA0411/201922/08/2019Residential - Construction of a dwellingDiscretionary Applications11 Hilltop Court KINGS MEADOWS TAS 7249 Urban Design SolutionsApplication Referred
DA0412/201922/08/2019Residential - Removal of vegetation for future developmentDiscretionary Applications2-6 Deek Street KINGS MEADOWS TAS 7249Yurong ZhouReceived

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